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Making a move, whether it is across town or across the country, can be a hectic time. The following information is provided to make your transition time a little easier.

Prior to move-in, all utilities must be in your name and all move in FEES must be paid. Renter's insurance can be obtained from your current automobile insurance provider or, if a member, AAA. 

For your convenience, below are a few local providers.

Electric Company:
Duke Energy 800-777-9898

Telephone Company:
Bellsouth 888-757-6500

Cable Company:
Time Warner Cable
*Contact for specials 704-369-1097

Renter’s Insurance:
State Farm 704-588-5585

For climate controlled storage, contact American Store & Lock located just minutes from York Ridge.  Special rates available for residents just call 704-588-4225.

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